• Elegant design folding electric bicycle for commuting

Shift gears on your commute

Ziprs presents a fast, smart and reliable way to get wherever you need to go, whenever you want to, while looking smooth as hell.

With its light weight, durable materials and elegant folding system, F1 is the perfect companion for the road, be it for your daily city commute or longer trips in rougher terrains. What is more, the minimalist look is the finishing touch that completes its smart design.


Zip around in style

"I love the design and how easy it is to take it with you wherever you go."

Manuel J.

"It's very comfortable to ride, powerful and fast even if you don't pedal at all."

Matthew A.

"The bike is nicely designed, the black matte paint looks super cool."

William H.

"The acceleration is very smooth as well as the easy folding system."

David S.

Bright LED headlight with front reflector

Integrated swappable battery pack

Powerful electric motor with smart pedal assist

Water and dust resistant LCD display

Our story

We combine our passion for technology and riding bikes with a belief in healthy, fast and convenient commuting.


Elegant and easy folding system

Lightweight magnesium alloy frame

Ergonomic handlebars with a horn

Fast-folding pedals with side reflectors

Enjoy your freedom

Turn your commute into an adventure.


Precise front and rear disc brakes

Durable tires with reflective sidewall

Smooth 6-speed rear derailleur

Comfortable saddle with rear reflector

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