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You’ve had this dilemma yourself. On the one hand, folding bikes are extremely practical and perfect for your urban commute. On the other hand, they always look like a folding bike. And those just never look cool. Plus, the ride quality with their small frames and tiny wheels is not too good, either. So we have decided it is time to put an end to this. Ziprs is a fast, smart and reliable way to get wherever you want to, whenever you want to, while looking smooth as hell.

The bike was designed with a dense urban environment in mind. We looked at the needs of commuters and identified the issues they are facing. You can read more about that and the benefits of owning an electric bike like this in our upcoming post.

As the name suggests, the Ziprs bike is designed to help commuters zip past city traffic, but thanks to its large 20” wheels and sturdy, yet lightweight magnesium frame, it makes for an enjoyable ride even with longer trips or rough terrains. You quickly forget that you are riding a bike that you can easily put into your car, take on public transport or store in a closet. Its neat folding system makes hitting the road or tucking your bike away a matter of seconds and just a few inches. It only takes 3 steps to fold while strong magnets prevent it from unfolding on its own without the need for any clips or straps.

The motor power and speed can be either controlled by a handlebar grip throttle without the need to pedal at all, or by selecting a level of pedal assist which is determined by an actual torque sensor. This sensor makes riding feel more natural than commonly used cadence sensors. What is more, the 6-speed rear derailleur will make sure you enjoy the ride without any struggle when you want to hit the pedals.

The LG lithium-ion battery slides and locks into the frame and can be recharged while being inside or outside the frame. It’s the highest industry standard on the market that takes around 5 hours to charge fully and will take you as far as 45 miles thanks to its 345 Wh capacity.

Ziprs takes safety seriously. That is why this model comes with an integrated high-powered LED light, tires with reflective sidewalls, rear and pedal reflectors, and an electronic horn on the handlebar. The TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes guarantee a safe ride in all weather conditions. 

With its lightweight, durable materials and elegant folding system, Ziprs F1 is the perfect companion for the road, be it for your daily city commute or longer trips in rougher terrains. What is more, the minimalist look is the finishing touch that completes its smart design. For $1,499, you can say goodbye to traffic and make your commute enjoyable.

Our first batch is now fully stocked and ready to ship across the whole of the US.

Ziprs  F1 electric bike boxes