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The LG lithium-ion battery is built seamlessly into the frame and can be recharged while being inside or outside the frame. It’s the highest industry standard on the market. Moreover, it’s secured with a mechanical lock and you can take it out without having to fold the bike first. When you need a bigger range, you can just easily swap it with a spare and carry on.

Key Specs

Case Material Aluminum Alloy
Case Finish Matte
Size 10.6x2.4x3.2 in
Weight 4.4 lb
Battery Voltage 36 V
Battery Current 7.8/9.6/10.5 Ah
Battery Capacity 280/345/378 Wh
Max Range 45 mi*
Charging 5~6 hours**

* Depending on the level of pedal assistance

** Depending on the battery pack size