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Ziprs is San Francisco based company founded by technology enthusiasts

Ziprs Our Story

We combine our passion for technology and riding bikes with a belief in healthy, fast and convenient commuting.

We believe that urban commuting does not have to be time-consuming, expensive or dangerous for the environment. That’s why we want to encourage as many people as we can to opt for the bike as their weapon of choice in the battle for cleaner, healthier cities without endless traffic jams.

Keeping fit, taking back your freedom and avoiding crowds on public transport are just a few perks on the long list of advantages that riding a bike provides on an individual as well as global level. Just imagine all the time you’ll have once you don’t have to spend it waiting around for the bus to come or for the traffic to inch forward.

You’ve had this dilemma yourself. On the one hand, folding bikes are extremely practical and perfect for your urban commute. On the other hand, they always look like a folding bike. And those just never look cool. Plus, the ride quality with their small frames and tiny wheels is not too good, either. So we have decided it is time to put an end to this. Ziprs is a fast, smart and reliable way to get wherever you want to, whenever you want to, while looking smooth as hell.


Ziprs is on a mission to provide sustainable, safe and efficient way to get around town.



When thinking about a perfect product, we like to have great technology packed in a minimalist design.

Folding e-bikes looking like tubes wrapped in cables and random battery boxes didn’t fulfill this vision for us. We see the bike as a reflection of the rider. And we like to ride in style. High-quality components make bikes safe and reliable and the latest technology offers a comfortable and fun ride. For us, having these is not an option but a necessity. Only a beautiful bike with great performance is a bike you’ll love to ride every day.


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